Marwat Times

welcome to will strive to convey the massage of marwat caste to the world. will bring videos about talented marwat students, marwat teachers, marwat poets, and marwat professionals. will encourage educational institutions at school level to make videos of talented students in different extracurricular  fields like speeches, drama ( khaka ), naat, qirat, spell competition, general knowledge, and sports etc. will appreciate teachers struggle to bring up their students in different fields to compete at national level. accepts the greater role of marwat poets in rectifying marwat society. though at the moment marwat society seems unaware of the marwt poets importance, but we will try to make marwat to understand the massage of marwat poets. considers marwat professionals torches of marwat society. marwat professional could understand the steps needed for progress of their society. Because of vast experience , marwat professionals guide marwat students to compete the world.